These Streets, Those Ghosts

by Dearest Enemy

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released April 6, 2015

Tracking, editing, performance with Giuseppe Bisemi
Mixed and mastered by Jay Maas



all rights reserved


Dearest Enemy Italy

hardcore punk
northeastern Italy

FFO: American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost/Killing The Dream/Dead Swans/Carry On/Departures/The Carrier/Life Long Tragedy/Landscapes/Defeater

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Track Name: Blight Town
Destroy this city, blight fucking town.
How much time will I lose bowing down?
This is not for me. I'm not meant for this...
Still I'm trying, still I'm hoping,
when there's nothing left for me.
Will I leave this fucking place
or will it get the best of me?
I still remember all the fights,
all the times you let me down,
I should have run, I should have left
instead of giving up...
And still you question what I say
do you believe I can live in this hell?

I'm wasting time... You've wasted me.

And when I leave this place,
will you tell yourself you were right,
will we be still fighting over nothing?
I swear you would do the same
if you felt what I felt,
this was never a joke to me
I'm leaving town tonight.

These streets... and their ghosts...

These cold gray streets, they stole enough from my heart.
This wasted youth was long enough, let's move on.
Track Name: Dead Ends
I should have known
and there's no turning back
this time I'm trapped in hell

I have seen your fucking face
on every face in this city
useless feelings chain me to the shadow of you.

this will never end
yet I carry on
this will never end
until I fucking break.

everything I have seen
all I ever used to be
all my past, who I was
they slowly fade to black.

through the highs and the lows
of this life I didn't choose
let me tell you just one thing
once you love, you're a dead end.

these restless nights
they swallow me up
I start to feel like I'm wasting my life
is this all I have? is this all I deserve?
nothing left but this cold.

endless seconds feel like years
because of you

I hope you know how hard it's been
to let it go,
to let you go.
Track Name: Cold Me, Cold You
you stole the sun
you stole my youth
you stole everything
cold me, cold you

will we ever grow up?
will we ever stop with this
hide and seek

it was never over
should I blame myself for this?
couldn't let it go, I had to feel it again, and again...

those moments that bring us down
were better than emptiness
sometimes pain keeps you warmer when you're cold.

we are breathing, we are dying
we're not gold kids, we're just liars
can you leave me once again
so I don't forget those warmer days?

you keep lying,
I'll keep dreaming
so this is it
what if we didn't have to believe,
we didn't have to forgive
for a worthless dream

I won't survive a world this cold
so cold

it's a cold world
and I'm freezing to death.

and I'm starting to fall for you again

we will die in this cold world
frozen to death.
Track Name: To The Queen
is this the end
or just a new start?
'cause for one second
I thought I could break the routine
start living again

I feel your indifference
as I'm feeling desperate
you're closing your eyes

can you see the difference
can you fill the space
between my lungs

it's so easy to forget
erase all that's left
until you get so lonely you want to go back

so can you fill it up
can you fill this space
between my lungs

so now you want it
you fucking get it
take it all

if you could feel what I feel
would you stay the same?

I'm fucking done.
Track Name: Dreamruiner
kill this dream.

take it back,
take everything
take every second
what's left of me

take it back,
take my life
take everything
that's left of me.

I don't blame you,
but now I'm here with
hopeless eyes, loveless face
and a wish to disappear

if only your smile could
show me the way through the fog
but I am lost

I know it's not your fault
this miserable lack of hope
sing me to sleep.

just one second
before my mind starts to crash
there's no lust,
there's no hope
there's no love

how could I believe in you?
take this life back.

my heart, my soul, my dreams...
take it all back.

this is the edge
this is the end

everything we were will fade away
look at the stars and think of me

Track Name: Endless Night Drive
the more I try to connect
the farther I get from everyone
this is where the words fail
and the drowning feeling comes

living backwards seems the only way for me
nothing seems to heal my fucking mind, and there's no fucking sign of a better year, or something new to push me through
not a single thing to help me face another day

pull me out of this addiction
give me something to hold on to

it's just I'm trying not to wither away

you said 'leave it all behind'
but I'm burning alive
I'm burning and burning alive.